Earn Cash Back at Hurtigruten

Earn Cash Back at Hurtigruten

Hurtigruten’s primary target market are Norwegians, who travel on coastal voyages and expedition cruises all year-round. While some tourists view these excursions as traditional cruises, they also provide the perfect opportunity to gain more insight into local culture and wildlife.

The brand takes destination stewardship seriously and strives to promote sustainable practices throughout its ships and destinations. Onboard, there are passionate expedition teams that provide deeper context of each region’s culture, wildlife and nature.

This goal will be accomplished through lectures, discussions and expert-led shore excursions that highlight how pollution and climate change are having an effect in each destination visited by the expedition. Furthermore, passengers will have an opportunity to join Citizen Science programs hosted by global scientific institutions.

Onboard, guests can experience meals that highlight the specialty products from each destination. The company sources 80% of its foods from Norwegian suppliers who support local workforces and communities.

No matter if it’s crab cakes or lamb chops – every meal on board will surely make an impactful statement about its host nation.

Hurtigruten has gone one step further by going completely plastic-free in 2018, ditching straws, cutlery and disposable cups from their offerings in an effort to reduce waste produced and support more eco-friendly practices.

As part of its efforts to reduce plastic waste, the company has also invested in more eco-friendly ships by retrofitting several smaller vessels with hybrid technology and setting a goal of introducing zero emissions ships by 2030.