Earn Cash Back at Ice Shaker

Earn Cash Back at Ice Shaker

Ice Shaker

Chris Gronkowski made an impactful pitch that left even the Sharks gasping as he and four of his brothers (including current New England Patriots tight end Rob) entered the Shark Tank with four other friends to ask for $100,000 for 10% ownership in their stainless steel shaker bottle company, Ice Shaker. Their bottle is designed to replace plastic shaker bottles commonly found at gyms while keeping drinks cold for hours while eliminating condensation on cups or surfaces.

Chris informed the Sharks that he and his four other brothers (Gordie, Dan, Rob and Glenn) had been working on this project for six months and were already making over $200,000 in monthly sales. According to Chris’ explanation of their business model, they can offer discounted shaker bottles by manufacturing it themselves using their own suppliers; therefore controlling every aspect of production.

The Ice Shaker Bottle features markings inside to accurately measure drinks, a spillproof secure lid with anti-spill features and a patented removable agitator to allow silent, seamless mixing of nutrition shakes, smoothies, cocktails, coffee or water. Plus, its handle on top means you can carry it with ease in one hand or on your shoulder!

The Sharks were delighted by Chris’ product and offered him an investment deal; Mark Cuban later purchased A-Rod’s shares for $2 million (later acquired back by Chris himself). Chris has since increased production in order to keep up with demand, and launched an Ice Shaker website where you can order one yourself.