Earn Cash Back at Intermix

Earn Cash Back at Intermix

Earn Cash Back at Intermix

Save money when purchasing fashions and accessories at INTERMIX using coupons, discounts, and rewards that apply both in-store and online purchases, making saving easier than ever.

New Seasons at Intermix

Refresh your wardrobe with the latest fashion and styles from top designers at Intermix. Find stylish yet classic pieces, which pair easily with handbags or jewelry. Additionally, this brand offers free personal stylists who will assist in curating outfits to reflect your personal sense of style.

Domo Provides Boutique Stylists With Customer Data

Before Intermix partnered with Domo, their customer data was spread out among various websites, marketing departments and in-store locations, making it difficult for stylists to make personalized recommendations to customers. Domo brought all this data together into one dashboard so stylists could tailor suggestions more precisely while web marketers could reduce acquisition costs by analyzing customer shopping behavior and offering targeted promotions.

Domo helps retailers understand the value of their customer base and create models to predict factors that contribute to higher engagement and decreased churn. With this data at their disposal, Domo enables retailers to make smarter business decisions.

Intermix Changes Continue

Since Intermix was sold to a private equity firm last fall, its changes continue. Former fashion director Sari Sloane and co-founder Haro Keledjian have met with vendors in an attempt to restore its status as a leading designer multibrand retailer.