Earn Cash Back at J McLaughlin

Earn Cash Back at JMcLaughlin

J. McLaughlin was established by brothers Jay and Kevin McLaughlin in 1977 as a family-owned multi-channel retailer of classic American sportswear with modern relevance. Renowned for its signature prints and bold colors paired with unexpected design twists, J. McLaughlin is located on some of the most picturesque main-street real estate to provide customers with an inviting retail environment and neighborhood-feel.

J. McLaughlin has taken an innovative approach to giving back, by forging local partnerships to accentuate its real world social equity among communities and consumers alike. Through this strategy, they become part of their communities instead of just another place for commercial transactions.

Recently, Montclair store collaborated with CASA Essex to host a spring shopping event where participants could enjoy sip ‘n shop with 15% donated back to CASA Essex organization – just one example of many ways the brand connects with key cultural movements to increase brand recognition and cultivate consumer loyalty.

The brand is making waves thanks to their partnership with Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits to launch the Eilidh Jumpsuit and Harriet Silk Dress made of luxurious navy silk linen, as well as with Mate Gallery in Montecito for the limited-edition Summer House Candle. Such collaborations position the company as both tastemaker and force for good, helping it increase brand recognition across urban neighborhoods, affluent suburban main streets, resort destinations and beyond.