Earn Cash Back at JackRabbit

Seabreeze Park’s Jack Rabbit coaster earned recognition as an American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) Roller Coaster Landmark in 2015 – one of only six coasters nationwide with this distinction. Take a look at this point-of-view video and imagine yourself on board for this exciting ride as its wheels accelerate past you!

Earning cash back with a credit card is like playing the penny-rounder: initially the rewards may seem small but over time they add up. Credit cards provide different methods of rewarding spending; some provide flat rates while others match up specific purchases with specific categories (Citi Double Cash offers one percent back on every purchase while Discover It offers up to five percent in rotating quarterly categories).

Some credit cards provide both options, like the Citi(r) Serve(r) card which offers unlimited 1% cash back on all purchases while enabling you to freeze and unfreeze your balance, or the Chase Freedom(r) card which provides more structured approaches with 2% cash back for spending in bonus categories, grocery stores or wholesale clubs plus 1% back for other types of spending each quarter – such as Citi(r) Serve(r).

Jackrabbit Point of Sale makes accepting payments easy, whether in cash or credit card format. Furthermore, its inventory tracking feature helps track merchandise levels and set reorder trigger points, as well as providing valuable reporting features with information such as total profit by item profit margin, sales tax rates and much more.