Earn Cash Back at Jelly Belly at Walgreens

Earn Cash Back at Jelly Belly

Earn Cash Back at Jelly Belly

While most associate Jelly Belly with jelly beans, this candy company also makes other delectable treats. Walgreens offers an assortment of Jelly Belly products like gummy candy and chocolate-coated treats from this company – as part of Herman Goelitz Candy Company (later Goelitz Confectionery Company). Established by Gustav Goelitz who settled in Illinois from Germany as Gustav Goelitz Candy Company & Goelitz Confectionery Company. Now run by their fourth, fifth & sixth generation family members (at Goelitz Confectionery Company).

Today, Jelly Belly offers over one hundred delectable candies and confections to satisfy even the most devilish of candy cravings. Their selection includes classic favorites like their Official 50 Flavors line as well as constantly evolving flavors made with 100% dedication to quality and natural ingredients whenever possible. In addition, Jelly Belly provides seasonal candies as well as gifts in its selection.

As well as their popular jelly beans, this company is well known for their edible art. California artist Kristin Cummings created intricate mosaics using their bean products that have become global sensations.

Jelly Belly offers an assortment of holiday-inspired items, from Halloween jelly beans to sets of gummy slugs and chocolate frogs that will delight children during trick or treat rounds. Additionally, candy-filled jars make ideal kitchen decorations or gift bags.