Earn Cash Back at Keeper Security

Earn Cash Back at Keeper Security

Save money on password-management software when you take advantage of Keeper Security promo codes and discounts. These coupons are often available for new or existing subscriptions and may be accessed from the Groupon Coupons website.

Keeper Security offers a variety of services and plans including password management, data protection, security and other features for individual and business users. Using the Keeper Security website’s promo code or other promotional offer can help you save up to 20% off of a new, one year plan.

Passwords and other information stored in Keeper is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption. This is used to protect against data breaches and ransomware.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication uses a 10-byte secret key that is generated by the Keeper server and only sent to the user after they login. This secret key is only used for authentication and is never communicated to a third party. It is activated on mobile devices, desktop applications and for Business users on popular web browsers.

Offline Mode

Offline mode allows you to log into your vault even when you do not have internet access. To activate offline mode, visit the settings screen in the Keeper application and enable it.

Referral Program

When you refer a friend to Keeper, both of you get a 30% discount on a plan. This is a great way to save money on subscriptions, but only if you’re referring someone who will actually use the service.