Earn Cash Back at Kenneth Cole

Earn Cash Back at Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole excels at merging fashion with social activism, earning international renown with their refined yet functional styles combined with philanthropy and social change initiatives. Their signature styles have become staples for men and women who strive to leave an imprintful impression in society.

Kenneth Cole established his shoe business in 1982. To market them at trade shows, he couldn’t afford the costs associated with renting showroom space or hotel rooms, so instead rented a trailer. NYC laws limited trailer usage for utility companies or film production; thus he altered the name of his new venture to sound similar and used his trailer showroom as makeshift showroom – selling over 40,000 pairs in just two days!

Cole has never taken his success for granted, and continues to use it to effect positive changes in society. In 2006, he announced that his company would no longer use fur in any garments they produced. Additionally, he has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of AIDS epidemic and has featured celebrities like Tom Hanks, Will Smith, Whoopi Goldberg and Elizabeth Taylor in ads promoting his AIDS campaigns.

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