Earn Cash Back at Kiwi.com

Earn Cash Back at Kiwicom

Kiwi.com was established as a Czech online travel agency by Oliver Dlouh and Jozef Kepesi in 2012. Their services include fare aggregator, metasearch engine and booking for airline tickets and ground transportation as well as various additional features like connecting flight booking, hotel bookings and itinerary management.

Kiwi may not be without its faults (read our reviews), but it remains an excellent choice for anyone searching for cheap flights. Kiwi uses various search techniques – some more risky than others like hidden city ticketing and throw-away ticketing; as well as its Nomad Ticketing feature that consolidates all flights that might get them there as quickly and painlessly as possible.

If your schedule is flexible enough, searching flights over a specific timeframe is also possible by selecting an arrival and departure date range or even just one single date if your schedule allows it. This can save considerable time when trying to fly around holidays or events.

Kiwi offers multiple airline booking and mileage crediting with any multi-airline ticket you purchase (i.e. first leg United, second leg Air France). One drawback here is reaching out to Kiwi as soon as anything goes wrong (there have been stories of people missing out on their guarantee simply because they tried to resolve matters independently at the airport) which may prove cumbersome; but ultimately worth your while for peace of mind!