Earn Cash Back at Kwiat

Earn Cash Back at Kwiat

Kwiat Diamonds have delighted us for over 100 years with breathtaking diamonds and jewelry inspired by them. Crafted using techniques handed down through generations, each stone from Kwiat is precisely cut to reveal maximum brilliance from within – an approach which has cemented Kwiat as a trusted vendor by some of the most prestigious jewelers worldwide.

No matter if you’re on the search for an engagement ring or simply wanting some extra cash back, Kwiat offers various opportunities for earning.

Dosh – Available on both iOS and Android, Dosh is an app that offers cash back rewards on both in-store and online purchases. Simply sign up, connect your credit cards, activate offers you’re interested in and activate any offers, then Dosh will add the cash back rewards automatically into your account – with earnings listed in its “One-ups” tab of the app as well as real-time alerts about new offers based on browser extensions you install for added convenience.

Rakuten – Offering both online and in-store purchases, Rakuten provides a free program with $10 welcome bonuses upon signing up and $20 bonuses for referrals. Redeem rewards as deposits into your bank account, check, statement credits or gift cards – although please keep in mind that certain redemption options may not be available across all credit card accounts, while rewards could expire after some period of inactivity.