Earn Cash Back at Life Cykel

Earn Cash Back at Life Cykel

Learn How to Earn Cash Back at Life Cykel

It is essential that anyone using a cash back credit card understand how they operate. Most cards offer you a percentage back on purchases which accumulates into a rewards account until it can be redeemed; various redemption methods exist depending on which card is being used – statement credit, deposit into bank account or even discounted travel packages are among options that could come your way!

Your ideal cash back credit cards depend on your spending habits and which areas of your budget are of most concern to you. If you tend to put money toward specific categories, a rotating or fixed-category cash back card might be suitable – these usually offer increased rates on bonus categories while remaining at standard 1-percent rates elsewhere.

Conversely, if grocery shopping makes up the bulk of your budget, then selecting a flat rate card offering equal rewards across all categories may make more sense. Cards such as Citi Custom Cash(sm) Card automate this selection process for you by selecting your cash back reward category automatically each billing cycle; up to $500 can be earned each billing cycle from restaurants, U.S. supermarkets, gas stations, select transit and selected streaming services before 1 percent cash back is earned on all other eligible purchases.

Life Cykel, founded by Julian and Ryan in 2015, is an evolutionary mushroom biotechnology company that taps into their immense potential. They produce cutting edge mushroom products to complement plant based lifestyles such as their world renowned full spectrum double liquid extract flavourings with wild harvested Australian Kakadu Plum.