Earn Cash Back at Life is Good

Earn Cash Back at Life is Good

Skilled shoppers know that cash back offers are available for many products and services – from groceries to family outings – so savvy shoppers know to look out for savings opportunities such as this when making purchases such as appliances, clothing or even weekly trips to the store.

Cash-back apps reward specific types of spending, so it’s essential that you find one that fits what you do frequently – such as groceries, gas, entertainment tickets or dining out – then find a program offering cash back opportunities for these purchases.

Ibotta is an extremely popular app that helps shoppers earn rewards on grocery and other shopping with just a few easy steps. Simply claim offers that match your shopping needs using either its mobile app or browser extension, then scan receipts or link loyalty cards to redeem earnings. Other cash-back apps may provide similar features at different rewards rates.

Upside provides cash-back rebates at restaurants, retailers and – most notably – gas stations. Redeem rewards either in gift cards or directly into your PayPal account; there’s even an attractive low redemption minimum which makes Upside one of the more accessible cash-back apps with wide availability at most major gas stations.

One great way to maximize your savings is with a cash-back credit card. Cards such as Wells Fargo’s no-fee Active Cash card provide a 2% cash-back rate on all purchases; but remember, any rewards earned may be negated by late fees and other charges against your balance.