Earn Cash Back at Liingo Eyewear

Liingo Eyewear was established in 2016 in Draper, Utah and offers an alternative way of purchasing eyeglasses without visiting a traditional eye doctor or store directly. Home try-on is free with five pairs available so that you can find your ideal pair quickly and without hassles; additionally there’s also a no questions asked return policy available if something doesn’t quite look right when they arrive!

Liingo’s website is user-friendly, offering an expansive selection of frames. Filters allow for sorting by face shape, color and size preferences as well as style if you know exactly which frame you want. They offer various materials like plastic and metal frames with multiple color choices available as sunglasses as well. In addition, lenses with blue light filters, polarization capabilities and higher index can be purchased if your prescription strength requires it.

The company offers two pricing structures depending on your prescription: you can buy single-vision eyeglasses starting from $79 with shipping included or purchase complete pairs for $99. A complete pair includes frames with your prescription lenses as well as either lens coatings or polarization options.

Although this company does not accept vision insurance plans directly, you can submit your receipt for out-of-network reimbursement from your plan. Furthermore, FSA or HSA cards – pre-tax dollars – can also be used as payment.