Earn Cash Back at LIVENow

Earn Cash Back at LIVENow

As prices for essentials such as food and toiletries continue to increase, it can be challenging to stay within your budget. But apps exist that can help you save money and get discounts on items you may already purchase.

Rakuten can help online shoppers earn cash back. Their network of retailers lets you shop from, and Rakuten alerts you when an offer is available – then when you make a purchase you can either get it via PayPal or mail. Plus they offer new users an attractive $10 welcome bonus with no fees attached!

Payce brings cash back offers from some of the most popular merchants like Home Depot and CVS to shoppers shopping online, via browser extensions or mobile app download. In order to qualify, just link up a credit or debit card – Visa, Mastercard or American Express will all work with this platform!

Are You Shopping Groceries Regularly and Looking for Extra Credit Card Payments? Have You Heard About Ibotta Are You Grocery Shopping Regularly and Looking for Extra Credit Card Payments? Ibotta can be an extremely useful app, enabling shoppers to earn cash back for grocery store, travel, retail and other purchases made via their membership of Ibotta. Typically Ibotta members earn between $10-20 in cash back monthly which they can use towards items or payments on credit cards!