Earn Cash Back at Maaji

Earn Cash Back at Maaji

Maaji in Medellin, Colombia began as an entrepreneurial dream of Amalia and Manuela Sierra’s sisters Amalia and Manuela Sierra, inspired by their family business philosophy to create something innovative, fun, and lasting within Colombia’s economy.

Maaji stands out in fashion through their combination of reversible swimwear and socially responsible mission, making them standouts within the fashion world. Proud of their sustainability efforts and being amongst one of the first Latin American manufacturers to receive B Corp certification.

Maaji’s distinctive style consists of vibrant prints, cutting-edge silhouettes, and reversible designs for endless mixing and matching possibilities. Their team of designers, pattern developers, garment manufacturers work in unison to bring their latest collection.

With free shipping for purchases of $50 or more, they make shopping affordable! Plus, when you sign up for their email list you’ll get an exclusive coupon worth 15% off your first order!

Maaji swimwear is an indispensable staple in every wardrobe, boasting quality fabrics made of plant-based dyes to fit a range of body types and an eco-friendly goal of “Planting an Ocean of Trees.” Additionally, they participate in beach cleanups and donate creativity-booster kits to local schools.