Earn Cash Back at Maison Numen

With rising grocery costs and price increases on everything from toilet paper to toothpaste, stretching your budget may seem impossible. However, there are ways you can stretch every cent. Select has compiled some great cash back apps that can help save you money or even earn you extra income!

1. Ibotta

This free app, available both for Apple and Android platforms, allows users to earn cash rewards simply by uploading receipts of purchases made eligible purchases or activating digital coupons. Once reaching a minimum redemption threshold of $20, rewards can be redeemed for cash into either bank accounts, PayPal accounts or exchanged for gift cards – not only that! Ibotta can even help save on groceries and travel.

2. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is an innovative rewards app offering users cash back for everyday shopping and gas purchases. Once activated, users can utilize its search feature to quickly locate specific brands or products before clicking through to their retailer’s site where the app tracks your eligible purchase and adds your cash reward directly into your account.

3. Rakuten

This rewards app offers cash back for both online and in-store purchases, using credit/debit card offers as incentive. You can link these cards with Rakuten accounts before clicking an offer to activate it – or use Rakuten’s browser extension feature and automatically receive offers from retailers you visit!