Earn Cash Back at Mansur Gavriel

Earn Cash Back at MANSUR GAVRIEL

Earn Cash Back at MANSUR GAVRIEL When New York-based designers Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel combined their savings to establish accessories label Mansur Gavriel in 2013, no one could have predicted its immense popularity – instant sellouts and lengthy waiting lists catapulted Mansur Gavriel to Instagram fame and led many to dub it the “first post-recession it bag,” an epithet which may never leave.

The duo’s backgrounds as textile designers and art directors allowed them to approach design with a broad vision, but their real breakthrough came when they realized they could use high-quality vegetable leather from Italy for their bags while keeping prices reasonable. Their signature minimalist silhouettes feature no extra hardware such as pockets or grommets while their interiors boast complementary hues painted to complete each bag’s aesthetics.

Since its debut with just two simple silhouettes, Mansur Gavriel has expanded into a full line of contemporary shoes and bags that have earned a strong following among environmentally-minded style mavens. Each season brings new silhouettes in various colors that reflect individualism – truly making its mark among style mavens who care deeply about sustainability.

Modern shoes and bags from this modern brand are both versatile and beautiful, boasting elements like slipper soles and zippered compartments to keep essentials organized. Additionally, there is the option to personalize certain bags and shoes with hand-painted monograms – an effortless way to elevate any look and make each piece truly one-of-a-kind!