Earn Cash Back at Marimekko

Earn Cash Back at marimekko

Earn Cash Back at Marimekko Marimekko, an iconic Finnish lifestyle design house founded by Armi Ratia in 1951, has long been celebrated for its beautiful prints and vibrant colours. Now offering Cash Back deals too!

The company is well known for their vibrant and bold printed fabrics, cushions and home decor products featuring eye-catching striped, checkered and floral patterns which have inspired thousands of designs that can be found across clothing, bags, accessories, ceramics bedding fabric products.

Marimekko designs are created by artists worldwide, with each season adding fresh new patterns. Marimekko offers an expansive catalog of patterns as well as invites new artists each year to submit designs for consideration for future seasons.

Marimekko takes great pride in designing iconic prints and colorways that represent its brand, while maintaining a modern sensibility through experimentation with unconventional ideas and graphic concepts. Their designers take into consideration experimental perspectives along with contemporary graphic thinking in creating these collections.

Marimekko has always been unafraid of trying out new patterns or exploring novel ideas, often leading to large-scale patterns featuring multiple overlapping colours. Their bold designs and their signature use of color has created an unmistakably individualistic brand identity for them.

Marimekko stands out as one of Finland’s few design firms that has ventured beyond dressmaking into lifestyle branding, with residences and restaurants across Finland decorated with its eye-catching prints. Bed sheets adorned with Unikko flowers come to life on bedsheets; cafes serve flat whites in Marimekko mugs for a unique coffee experience.