Earn Cash Back at MIRROR by Lululemon

A new at-home fitness product from Lululemon, the MIRROR, offers a wide variety of workouts and a competitive feature. It’s also available for financing.

The MIRROR connects a smartphone to a mirror and hardware. This allows users to set workout goals, track their heart rate, and earn points for reaching those goals. The app adds new workouts each week. In addition, users can follow their past workouts and challenge themselves.

In addition to the mirror, buyers can purchase a range of accessories for their MIRROR, including a heart rate monitor, camera lens cap, and fitness bands. All of the hardware is accompanied by a standard warranty.

If you buy the Mirror, you’ll also receive a free 30-day trial. You can return it for a refund if you’re not satisfied. Also, you’ll get a discount on a range of premium Lululemon gear.

Currently, the Lululemon Studio is half off. The studio includes shopping perks, a free essential membership, and 10% off purchases. Plus, you’ll get access to classes from several studio partners.

Although the Lululemon Studio is a great option for people who want to take their fitness to the next level, it’s still pretty expensive. But, thanks to the Studio’s special holiday deals, it’s easier than ever to save.

For a limited time, Lululemon is offering a $50 discount on the Mirror and a $75 discount on the Studio. However, it’s important to note that you must use the coupon code CYBER22 at checkout.