Earn Cash Back at Modsy

Earn Cash Back at Modsy

Earn Cash Back at Modsy

When you purchase items from Modsy, there are various ways to receive cashback. One method involves working with a third-party site that partners with the company by offering clickable links that direct traffic directly to Modsy and rewards buyers with cashback.

Modsy also offers referral programs as a second way to make money. For instance, the company will give you 20% off when referring a friend who creates their first design package.

Signing up for their email newsletter allows you to take 15% off your first project, plus an additional $20 discount per room when purchasing either Premium or Luxe packages.

Are you looking to design your dream home with Modsy’s online service? Their interactive 3D model and personalized guidance make it easy to create the ideal design that will fit perfectly in your space.

They offer furniture and accessories from top retailers such as Crate & Barrel and West Elm. Their team of personal stylists will take care of the buying and shipping so you can focus on decorating your home.

The company’s design fees appear reasonable, but you should be aware that they’re based on flat fees rather than hourly wages. This means the company can do a lot of work for the same amount of money.

Modsy has some promising features despite the challenges in this industry. Their e-design platform could be ideal for people who don’t have much free time to devote to home decoration projects or are trying to sell their houses quickly.