Earn Cash Back at Moon Pod

Earn Cash Back at Moon Pod

Are You Searching for a Relaxation Solution During TV Night? Look no further than Moon Pod for an effortless way to unwind during movie night and decompress after. Although its initial investment may seem steep, this revolutionary bean bag chair will certainly pay dividends later on through frequent sales from this innovative company which make the investment even more cost-effective.

The Moon Pod is filled with responsive high-density beads designed to replicate the sensations associated with flotation therapy, an established means of alleviating stress and anxiety levels. Its dual shell membrane offers soft yet stretchy support designed to accommodate for any body shape or movement pattern.

Moon Pods are easy to clean and maintain. Their outer cover features a special childproof zipper that requires a paperclip for opening, and they are fully removable for washing. Their inner filling material consists of expanded polystyrene foam beads (EPS), which come contained with their own zippered outer lining for quick and straightforward setup in any shape desired.

Your Moon Pod comes equipped with five colors of matching sleeves to protect its outer cover from spills, messes and wear and tear – individually for $74 (down from $89) or as part of a bundle deal at an even better deal! Not only can they add color to your space while protecting its most expensive component – machine-washable sleeves make keeping them looking new longer easy!