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Earn Cash Back at Moral Code

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Descriptive and Normative Definitions of Morality

A good way to define the concept of morality is to compare it to the concept of ethics, which can also be used to describe behavioral codes. These codes can serve a number of purposes, but they are usually designed to assign moral status to individual acts: right or wrong, prohibited or obligatory, permissible or supererogatory.

Normally, a code is considered to be a moral code when it is the kind of guide that a person would accept if they were willing to follow it, and which other people would endorse. However, in many cases this is not enough to justify using the word “morality” in a normative sense; it is often necessary to show that the code meets specific conditions (mostly intellectual and volitional) that most rational persons would meet.

In small homogeneous societies, there may be a single guide to behavior that is accepted by all members of the society. However, in larger societies there are groups that put forward guides to behavior that conflict with the guide of the society, and individuals who belong to these groups do not necessarily endorse the guide of the society. This makes it more difficult to identify a single code that is the normative standard of morality, but it does not make it impossible to have a unified and objective set of ethical principles.