Earn Cash Back at Moroccanoil

Earn Cash Back at Moroccanoil

Earn Cash Back at Moroccanoil

Are you in the market for beauty products or looking to save some cash, Moroccanoil’s Beauty Circle loyalty program can help. This free-to-join rewards program rewards members with points for every purchase as well as additional opportunities like reviewing a product or signing up for their newsletter. With Moroccanoil’s Beauty Circle loyalty program, earning points is easier than ever!

Shoppers can use their points to redeem a variety of gifts through Moroccanoil’s Rewards Boutique, which currently has items like travel size hair products and hot tools available for trade. Guests may also earn points through signing up for emails (which grants an additional 15 points on their first membership) and referrals (10 points per referral).

Argan Oil is the secret to healthy hair, skin and nails – it has anti-aging properties, improves shine and reduces breakage. Packed full of vitamin E, fatty acids, carotenes and squalene for skin, hair and nail benefits.

Experts suggest using this oil on dry hair to hydrate and add volume, as it’s lightweight and won’t weigh it down. “Dmitiri Giannetos,” a celebrity stylist, “says this oil is a game changer for dry, damaged strands.”

Benefits of Moroccan Oil for Hair, Skin and Nails

Applying a few drops of this non-greasy oil to the ends of your hair can moisturize and soften it without making it feel greasy or heavy. According to Dr. Jaliman – associate professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC – “it’s great for controlling frizziness, adding moisture to the scalp and stimulating new growth.” Additionally, Moroccan oil works wonders on unruly lashes and brows, chapped lips, smooth cuticles and hands alike.”