Earn Cash Back at MUDWTR

Earn Cash Back at MUDWTR

Earn Cash Back at MUDWTR Looking for an innovative caffeine-free drink that provides energy without the jitters or crashes associated with coffee? Look no further. Mudwtr’s innovative caffeine-free beverage contains natural ingredients designed to boost focus without side effects like jitters and crashes.

Shane Heath created MUDWTR while searching for a healthier, more balanced alternative to his beloved cup of coffee. While visiting India, he found inspiration in the form of Chai Tea, Mushrooms and other natural ingredients proven to boost energy levels and immunity levels.

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MUDWTR, established in 2018, is a relatively new brand known for their namesake product: MUDWTR chai-based coffee alternative that contains one seventh the caffeine of traditional coffee beans.

As well as their popular chai-based latte, MUDWTR Balance and Sleep products also promote health and wellness for an improved life experience. The brand strives to help individuals live a fuller and healthier existence.