Earn Cash Back at MyPhoto

Saving money is always rewarding, but saving even more effortlessly is even better! Card-linked cash back apps allow you to automatically save on purchases without changing cards or tracking coupons.

Though many apps provide similar rewards (gift cards and statement credits), others stand out with unique offerings and features. Drop is one such cash back app which enables users to earn rewards simply by switching out store loyalty cards for Drop’s cash back feature – simply link debit and credit cards, select five brands as your favorites, make purchases from these stores, and any purchases will earn points towards cash-out gift cards at your favorite shops.

Fetch Rewards is another highly acclaimed app, which allows users to make cash back by submitting receipts and eReceipts, using its browser extension, and purchasing items online through it. Users have praised Fetch Rewards’ ease of use and generous payouts; however, some may not like its maintenance fees or $15 cash out minimum requirement.

Cosign is an Instagrammer-specific cash back app which rewards influencers for promoting products in their feed, with more people buying through your links leading to greater earnings for you. Other options worth evaluating include Coin Out which provides instant cashback with no minimums or fees at all retailers and ReceiptPal’s receipt-scanning feature allowing users to earn gift cards for purchases made.