Earn Cash Back at Nectar

Discover How to Earn Cash Back at Nectar

Are You Spending Large at Sainsbury’s or Nectar Partners?
If so, this card could be worthwhile considering as it offers a generous welcome bonus and good deals for everyday spending.

Additionally, this card offers two points for every PS1 you spend at Sainsbury’s and other Nectar partner stores (when used with their loyalty card). Furthermore, you’ll enjoy 56 days interest-free purchases if you clear your balance each month; but remember, its representative APR of 35.6% means any rewards earned could quickly disappear!

Relaunched in 2019, this card offers not only general point offers, but also vouchers to collect extra points at the till – with these vouchers changing weekly! As with many American Express cards, there is also protection offered with each purchase made using this card.

This card costs PS25 annually, which may seem steep when compared with free British Airways and Barclaycard Avios Mastercards that give more Avios per PS1. But the first year is fee-free; another great perk of this card is its ability to convert American Express Rewards points into Nectar points at an exchange value of 1:1; making them far more worthwhile if you receive an impressive welcome bonus from Amex.