Earn Cash Back at Newark

Earn Cash Back at Newark

Gain Cash Back at Newark

While traveling is often an enjoyable experience, it can also be extremely stressful. This is particularly true when traveling through large airports such as Newark Liberty International Airport. Reason being, law enforcement officers attempting to detect criminal activity often target travelers specifically by searching their luggage; in some instances this has resulted in sums being confiscated by authorities.

Travelers often have a misconception that traveling with money in itself is illegal; authorities only seize such funds when used illicitly and this could happen at Newark Liberty International Airport. There are steps you can take to reduce the likelihood that officials seize your cash when traveling through this airport.

Use Public Transit to Reach the Airport

There are multiple methods of travel via train or bus that will bring you directly to the airport. One is purchasing a round-trip NJ TRANSIT ticket online or through their app; this will include both fare to and from the airport as well as AirTrain access fee. Or if traveling from Midtown Manhattan or Lower Manhattan and don’t mind making multiple transfers, take the subway line directly to World Trade Center Station/Fulton Center then transfer onto PATH trains or an NJ TRANSIT bus.