Earn Cash Back at Noize

Earn Cash Back at Noize

Basic expenses such as food and toiletries continue to increase in price, so finding ways to stretch your money further may be important if you’re struggling. There are a few apps out there which may help make this possible – be sure to explore any that make sense!

Ibotta is a free app and browser extension that gives you cash back when shopping at grocery stores, travel agencies, online retailers and more. The app enables you to take advantage of cash-back offers by activating them and clipping digital coupons; plus it automatically deposits it as bank account deposits or PayPal deposits into your bank account or PayPal. Plus it even lets you redeem rewards for gift cards!

Rakuten offers savings at over one thousand retailers, making the platform simple to use and activating your cash back instantly when making eligible purchases. Earnings can also be transferred quarterly via PayPal or physical check – giving you plenty of ways to spend them!


While finding cash back bonus offers online is nothing new, Payce stands out by being an especially convenient platform. Their list of cash back offerings is extensive and regularly updated. Furthermore, you can compare offers from multiple companies side by side to find the ideal cashback deal.

CoinOut is an innovative way to earn cash back simply by uploading receipts to its app. CoinOut provides random rewards of $0.01-$15 per receipt uploaded, which can then be redeemed for various items such as gift cards and prepaid debit cards.