Earn Cash Back at Nuance

Nuance is revolutionizing how individuals and organizations collaborate by offering cutting-edge AI solutions that power human-centric experiences. Their technology improves productivity, strengthens security, and drives better business results; while hundreds of products help consumers, businesses, partners, and health care professionals achieve more through voice control and imagination.

Established in 1992, Nuance Communications is well-renowned for their contributions to speech recognition and text-to-speech software. Their popular Dragon products, such as their mobile app Dragon Professional Individual, enable users to complete paperwork and reports using only their voice so they can focus more time on things that truly matter.

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Nuance is defined as any subtle differences that make something distinct from others of its kind, whether these differences come in sounds, looks, tastes, smells or any other sense. Though nuance can be detected almost anywhere, only through experience will one be able to fully appreciate its meaning; for example a musician will hear nuanced notes in their instrument while newcomers might miss it entirely.