Earn Cash Back at OCLU

Earn Cash Back at OCLU

Are You A Thrill Seeker Or Simply Capturing Life’s Most Precious Moments? OCLU Offers Action Cameras That Suit Every Need From mountain biking videos and slow motion recordings, to underwater cameras for underwater exploration – with any one of their action cameras you’ll make memories last a lifetime!

These compact mountable cameras boasting an aerodynamic shape make them less likely to get jostled around, enabling users to use it handheld or mountable to helmet, bike or body for full coverage. Waterproof up to 1M, they offer multiple accessories for personalization that allow users to capture all their most memorable experiences with a unique approach.

The OCLU is unique among action cameras in that its “LiveCut” feature allows you to edit footage on-the-fly and remove unnecessary footage without post-production time consuming delays later.

Use the OCLU to quickly upload media files to your computer as it’s automatically recognized as a drive. When viewing, simply insert or connect an OcSnap cable, insert a microSD card or use your smartphone’s app for access.