Earn Cash Back at Pair of Thieves

Earn Cash Back at Pair of Thieves

Earn Cash Back at Pair of Thieves

When shopping online with Pair of Thieves for socks, underwear or t-shirts there are multiple opportunities to gain money back – such as their loyalty and rewards program known as The Thieves Guild.

They offer customers a special promotion whereby every product purchased nets them a bonus gold coin, and also feature regular sales with discounts available on various products.

Pair of Thieves offers one of the easiest ways to earn cash back: shop their sales. These deals often span socks, underwear, and t-shirts; making it an effective way to generate extra savings at Pair of Thieves.

Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag of 100 Thieves realized he was feeling generous recently and posted an announcement tweet via Cash App mobile application announcing that he would give away $150,000 over Twitter as part of a giveaway campaign.

Joining the contest was simple; all it required was downloading the Cash App onto your device, creating an account, and responding to Nadeshot’s tweet with your “cashtag,” a random string of numbers and letters typed into the application interface. When completed, Nadeshot will send out your check for however much money you won!

Nadeshot’s Cash App app has enjoyed immense popularity thanks to a series of promotional campaigns; however, this event marks its inaugural offering of cash prizes via Nadeshot’s app.