Earn Cash Back at Pet Joy

Pets add more than companionship to our lives; they add an entirely new aspect. Pets teach us responsibility, unconditional love and connection. Therefore it’s vital that we give them the very best care we can provide.

Pet Joy strives to develop supplements designed specifically to aid pet well-being, with co-founder Brian Murphy discussing the positive impacts PetJoy vitamins can have on an animal’s overall health, such as improving hip and joint movement and providing energy. In an appearance on Modern Living with Kathy Ireland, Brian spoke about their benefits as he discussed ways they could contribute to making dogs look and feel their best!

These chewable multivitamins contain glucosamine and chondroitin to ease joint discomfort, as well as essential fatty acids for heart, bone and immune health. Plus, they’re made in the US with no artificial ingredients!

Strengthen Immunity

An immune system capable of fighting infections and allergies is vital. PetJoy supplements contain antioxidants such as vitamins C and E as well as folic acid and B vitamins to bolster immunity while decreasing inflammation.

Improve Digestive Health

A healthy digestive tract is vital to absorption of essential nutrients and overall wellness. PetJoy’s digestive supplements contain probiotics and enzymes which may help ease any gas or bloat issues in pets, aiding them to stay comfortable throughout their lives.

PetJoy believes in giving back to the pet community, which is why they donate a portion of each sale to pet-related charities. Their efforts focus on helping reduce animal euthanization rates while giving shelter animals proper nutrition in order to find permanent homes more quickly.