Earn Cash Back at Petlibro

Earn Cash Back at Petlibro

Pawrents want the best products for their pets, and Petlibro delivers. From automatic cat feeders to water fountains, the brand provides a comprehensive line of innovative items designed to promote a happier pet lifestyle and owner experience!

Top Product – Smart Feeder with Wi-Fi Control (PL-AF003-01B)

This smart pet feeder focuses on freshness, with every part from storage to dispensing sealed to prevent moisture loss and ensure your pet’s food remains delicious and free from pests or mold. It features a patented rotor, twist lock lid, desiccant bag and sealing strip that keep kibble dry, fresh and healthy for extended use.

The Petlibro PL-AF003-01B feeder also boasts an infrared sensor to shut it down when an obstruction is detected, as well as a low food reminder for refilling the dispenser and safety feature to prevent paws from knocking over the feeder. Programming a feeding schedule through Petlibro Lite app is easy; plus you can monitor your pet’s eating habits through live streaming camera or manual feed selection within the app.

The Granary Dual Automatic Feeder can accommodate up to 5.5lb of kibble and dispense one meal up to six times daily. It features a stainless steel bowl with detachable parts for easy cleaning, plus a transparent window to monitor food levels. Furthermore, the voice recorder allows you to speak directly to your pet in real-time about mealtime reminders.