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Earn Cash Back From Pit Vipers

Pit viper’s venom is an extremely dangerous combination of enzymes and nonenzymatic proteins. It contains a lethal hemotoxin that destroys red blood cells and vessels in the victim’s body, causing intense pain and suffering.

Snakes with long, hollow fangs that are hinged to venom glands at the rear of their heads stand out as some of the most deadly on earth. This allows them to inject their poison deeply into prey’s flesh, making them one of the most lethal snake species around.

They possess a pheromone used to attract mates and carry eggs at all times for protection of their young. Furthermore, they can emit an alarming rattle in addition to their poisonous bite.

These snakes are expert hunters, capable of detecting their prey with heat-sensing pits located right behind and under their nostrils. These thermoreceptors detect changes in temperature, enabling them to locate prey even when it’s too hot or cold for them to see it directly.

Snakes are a diverse group that inhabit many continents. The three most common species are rattlesnakes, copperheads and water moccasins. In North America, rattlesnakes tend to be responsible for most snakebite fatalities while elsewhere around the world copperheads and water moccasins tend to congregate near human settlements.