Earn Cash Back at Plants.com

Earn Cash Back at Plantscom

Add greenery to your home without breaking the bank by shopping online for bonsai, succulents and flowers – with options ranging from bonsai bonsai, succulents and flowers! Plus take advantage of coupons and offers to earn cash back when making purchases!

Even though purchasing plants online might seem strange, many people use this strategy to add greenery into their home decor. Thanks to various retailers offering an array of plants for sale online, purchasing greenery has never been simpler!

The Sill, established by Eliza Blank in New York City and offering plant-inspired designs, is one of the premier online plant stores. Their goal is to help homeowners elevate their indoor spaces through personalized options for each purchase – offering mix-and-match options so that each planter fits seamlessly with your surroundings. With nationwide shipping as well as curbside pickup services and workshops at an additional fee.

Urban Stems, an online retailer specializing in plant and flower delivery, offers another great choice. Their site features an assortment of unique plants with matching pots – perfect for special occasions! Shoppers can explore plants by occasion, price or collection. Located both in Washington D.C. and New York City but shipping nationwide!

If you’re looking for ways to earn extra cash back with Lovely Plants, head over to their “Earn More” tab. Here you can earn fruit rewards through various offer walls like OK Spin, Tap Time, AET Studios, CPX Research, Wanna Ads and Wanna Ads – plus as you play more in-app, your fruit production increases – redeemable for PayPal cash outs in increments of five, ten or twenty thousand fruits generated!