Earn Cash Back at Playboy

Earn Cash Back at Playboy

For decades, the iconic Playboy logo has been synonymous with sophistication, sex and mystique. Featuring a bunny wearing a bow tie as its logo, Playboy magazine is renowned for its nudes, racy photo spreads and daring style.

Hugh Hefner founded this magazine in 1953 to promote progressive sexual views. It featured photographs of stars such as Marylin Monroe and promoted complete personal freedom in all areas of life.

The magazine featured many articles on art, music and culture with full-page color cartoons, fiction pieces and general content. Additionally, they conducted interviews with a range of notable individuals including politicians, journalists and athletes.

Ten years after Hefner launched the magazine, its popularity began to decline. Finally, in 2015, Hefner and top editors agreed to stop publishing images of naked women.

As a result, the magazine lost about $3 million annually. Nowadays, its business strategy involves licensing products and building an empire in China – where 40% of their sales come from.

About the Company

Playboy, the original lifestyle brand, inspires hundreds of millions around the world with products and services to promote better sex, bold style, sophisticated living and confident beauty. They are credited as pioneering “lifestyle” magazines and have a deep-rooted history in Hugh Hefner’s sex-centric society.

Playboy’s New Jet

The magazine is now flying a remodeled version of Hugh Hefner’s original corporate jet, named the Global Express. According to Kohn, this plane was created so they can collaborate more effectively with influencers and celebrities around the world.