Earn Cash Back at Pond5

Pond5 offers the world’s most accessible marketplace of media assets for video creators to tell stories, share knowledge and inspire audiences. Offering over 31 million stock videos as well as award-winning tools such as the patented Visual Search for video, and integrations for major video editing software – Pond5 is the go-to choice of filmmakers, media organizations and marketers worldwide – contributors license their work here and enjoy an industry-leading revenue share for licensing it on the platform.

Pond5 launched as the original royalty-free stock footage marketplace in 2006 and remains one of the best today. Customers and contributors alike love Pond5, its vast catalogue and affordable pricing making it suitable for amateur filmmakers on tight budgets, professional teams who need professional results or anyone in between.

Pond5 provides multiple purchasing options, from subscriptions that give access to most of its marketplace to credit packs offering up to 25% bonuses. There are even discounts available for individual media files like 4K or HD videos or images as well as editing and production tools.

Pond5 may not have the same volume of reviews on Trustpilot as some of its competitors, but every negative review is attended to promptly and amicably by the company. Furthermore, they create resources and data to enhance artist experiences – including this blog and sales trends data – like this blog.