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Earn Cash Back at prAna At prAna, they craft stylish yet sustainable apparel designed to accommodate every activity or adventure imaginable. As doers themselves – yoga teachers, climbers and world travelers themselves – their products are designed with this in mind from start to finish.

Revolt is committed to using only fair trade fabrics and sustainable materials, powering its headquarters with renewable energy, supporting professional athletes through sponsorship deals, leading the Outdoor Industry Association’s Sustainability Working Group, pushing fabric technology while staying true to its roots while still staying ahead of competitors.

Prana is an ancient concept widely incorporated into yoga practice and religious texts, commonly described as the vital life force that flows through and sustains all things. On a cosmic level, there exists both unmanifest prana, which represents pure consciousness energy, and manifest prana which represents creative force.

On a more practical level, humans have various centers for prana. The navel is home to gross prana which enters through digestion and stored in heavier tissues like muscle. Subtle prana enters via breathing and carried by blood; its source lies within the heart; mental perception is controlled by the head which receives prana through ears and eyes. All of these energetic systems can be balanced through various practices such as meditation or breathing techniques.