Earn Cash Back at Princess Polly

Earn Cash Back at Princess Polly

Princess Polly has quickly established itself as an innovative fast fashion retailer since their US launch in 2019. Through working with Gen Z-relatable influencers who post TikTok and YouTube ‘Princess Polly haul’ videos featuring special discount codes, they have managed to achieve phenomenal growth since opening their virtual doors to shoppers in 2019. And you could get cash back at Princess Polly.

Influencer marketing is part of the company’s strategic approach to reaching their target demographic of Millennial and Gen Z women, many of whom utilize Snapchat, Tik Tok, and Instagram. Their social media strategy integrates well with their e-commerce site for an effortless buying experience across channels.

Sustainability is at the center of Princess Polly’s mission, and she strives to use materials such as recycled polyester, organic cotton and recycled polyurethane that are both earth-friendly and cost effective.

Princess Polly has made strides in animal welfare. Their commitment is to purchase leather, wool and hair products from suppliers who do not employ mulesing and live plucking techniques.

They have also committed to using less toxic dyes and chemicals, a great step for any company, yet without certifications for these materials it remains difficult to assess how sustainable their supply chain truly is.

Modern Slavery Statements

The brand has released two Modern Slavery statements on their website which offer a comprehensive overview of their policies and practices in regards to Modern Slavery. Furthermore, they’ve committed to rolling out an awareness program in 25 factories by 2022 in order to educate workers on their rights as workers as well as gender-based violence issues.