Earn Cash Back at PSD Underwear

Earn Cash Back at PSD Underwear

PSD Underwear is a premium underwear company offering affordable yet high quality briefs and boxers, perfect for athletes, trendsetters and people who really care about their underwear. Their offerings include men’s thongs, briefs and boxer shorts tailored specifically for your body – so that they fit like the second skin! You could earn Cash Back at PSD Underwear

Curt and Ryan Flaitz founded Curt and Ryan Flaitz Underwear in 2007. Leaving their respective jobs behind them, they purchased an RV, traveled across the country promoting their underwear products and quickly began to gain momentum – NBA players began wearing their underwear during games to increase exposure for them and their brand.

Their slogan, “wear your life”, encourages customers to be true to themselves and pursue their passions. Their underwear is comfortable, breathable and comes in various colors and graphics so that customers can find an option that matches their personal taste – camo print designs, solids or fun cartoon characters are just some of the options they have!

PSD boxers feature a soft pouch with flat lock stitched seams for optimal comfort, as well as an elastic waistband that hugs snugly without taglessness and can easily be machine washed for convenient care. Their latest collaboration – PSD x Trojan Hidden Pocket Black Boxer Briefs – come in black colorway with white trojan branding sublimated on their front, featuring an on-hip condom pocket and flexible flat lock stitched seams for flexible wearability.