Earn Cash Back at PSD Underwear

Earn Cash Back at PSD Underwear

Whether you’re looking for a pair of boxers or bikini briefs, PSD offers comfortable, stylish designs for men and women. Founded by brothers Curt and Ryan Flaitz, PSD has grown to become a leading lifestyle brand.

PSD Underwear Is An Underwear Brand That Stands Out Through Comfort And Design

PSD is a brand that stands out through comfort, style, and trendy prints. Most of their styles feature psychadelic bold prints and are crafted from breathable, comfortable knit fabric.

The brand is based in upstate New York and was started by two brothers who were broke college kids and could only afford one pair of Calvin Klein underwear. They realized that there was a gap in the market for designer men’s boxer briefs that were affordable and comfortable.

When they first launched, the brand promoted their products at various events across the country. They even purchased a used RV and spent the next year traveling to promote their brand.

They got their first taste of exposure when they met an NFL player named Stevie Johnson, who wore a pair of PSD underwear at his next game. This exposure helped the brand get a lot of recognition and now many athletes wear PSD underwear.

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