Earn Cash Back at Rise Brewing Co

Earn Cash Back at RISE Brewing Co

Earn Cash Back when purchasing two Rise Brewing Company Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Cans at Kroger + an Additional Money Maker Bonus of $1.98!

After being inspired to create something distinctively organic and refreshing that transcended the high-sugar, bottled coffees available at grocery store shelves, friends Grant Gyesky, Jarrett McGovern and Justin Weinstein embarked on their mission of developing RISE brand. Experimenting in their apartments with organic coffee beans from various roasters, as well as different brewing methods before striking upon what became an ideal combination – which then resulted in RISE brand. By conditioning their cold brew with nitrogen to serve it through kegs instead of traditional cups they created a smooth drink similar to robust stout rather than traditional cup of coffee!

RISE Brewing Co. has quickly expanded since its founding, expanding from multiple breweries and distribution to nationwide venues ranging from restaurants, offices, and sports teams to nationwide distribution channels. JPMorgan Chase has been an invaluable partner, offering financial solutions that enable RISE’s rapid expansion. Our Commercial Banking team boasts deep industry knowledge as well as strong understanding of fast-growth startups; furthermore our Cashflow360SM and Paycheck Protection offerings help safeguard growth for your business.