Earn Cash Back at SabersPro

Earn Cash Back at SabersPro

The lightsabers swung in the galaxy far, far away have come to Earth, thanks to a Long Island business run by two saber-obsessed entrepreneurs. Their company, SabersPro, creates real-life Star Wars-inspired lightsabers using neopixel technology to replicate the light animation and sound effects of the blades in the movies.

These sabers are made for cosplayers and collectors, but they are also great dueling weapons that can be used in full contact combat to get the blood pumping and your adrenaline running. They have been crafted with a high level of detail and built to stand up to even the most intense of dueling.

They offer a wide range of sabers for every budget, from generic or padawan-grade models to custom-built designs inspired by specific characters. They have a variety of blade materials and options available, including plastic, metal, polycarbonate, and carbon fiber.

Specialized hilt design: The saber hilt features a unique design that is based on the Star Wars universe and utilizes specialized parts and materials. It is fully customizable with the Xenopixel V2 board that offers the ability to add new soundfonts, blade lighting effects, blade colors, motion effects, and background music.

34 preinstalled soundfonts: This saber comes with a large selection of pre-installed soundfonts. They include blaster deflection, saber lock-up effect, flash-on-clash, stab, rainbow, blade spin, neutral light, stable and unstable colors, motion activated Saber Ignition and more.

Rechargeable battery: This saber features a built-in recharge port with a powerful rechargeable battery, which removes the need to constantly replace AAA batteries.