Earn Cash Back at Safeway

Earn Cash Back at Safeway

Earn Cash Back at Safeway Save money on grocery bills while earning extra dollars at the same time with Safeway’s cash, debit, credit, gift card and SNAP/EBT payment options at their checkout counters – you have various ways of earning cash back that could meet any need!

Debit Cards Are Your Key to Gaining Cash Back

Safeway currently accepts debit and Discover cards that provide up to $200 cash back; in addition, they accept EBT, personal checks and other cash payment options as forms of cash payment.

Credit Cards at Safeway: An Alternative Solution

Safeway is one of few stores offering cash back rewards when purchasing with credit cards – making this an effective way to save money and avoid interest charges associated with cash advances.

Gift Cards as the Third Best Alternative Without access to a bank account, Safeway gift cards offer another method for paying your groceries. But please be aware that some restrictions exist with these cards so it is wise to read over all terms and conditions prior to using one.

Cashable Checks as the Fourth Best Option

When your checking account runs low on funds or you need a quick and easy way to pay for purchases, cashable checks may be an ideal solution. Available at all Safeway stores nationwide without incurring additional fees, they provide quick payment solutions at your fingertips.

Apple Pay: Conclusion: Another way you can earn cash back at Safeway is with their smartphone app on any mobile device, which enables users to select what kind of purchase they would like made and the desired cashback amount.