Earn Cash Back at Shiekh With These Money-Saving Apps

Earn Cash Back at Shiekh

As inflation puts strain on many budgets, using money-saving apps and taking advantage of deals can help make our dollars stretch further. We have curated the top ones here at Shiekh or elsewhere – these will help cut your costs significantly!

Some apps enable you to clip digital coupons, earn cash back and receive discounts even on things you buy in person, like shoes. They work by notifying you when there is an offer you may be interested in and applying the promo code or coupon automatically at checkout; Honey’s extension automatically applies the most valuable coupon available that could save money when purchasing apparel, shoes and accessories such as apparel.

Rakuten app or browser extension offers another convenient way of earning cash back, popular among grocery stores and retail sites alike. Once connected with either your credit or debit card, Rakuten will track and report purchase activity to them and deliver cash back either via PayPal or physical checks every quarter.

Use Ibotta as an app or browser extension to easily and earn cash back on groceries, travel and online purchases. This free download app enables very active users to rake in up to $20 or more per month in rewards that they can redeem as deposits into bank accounts, PayPal balances or even gift cards.