Earn Cash Back at Sock Fancy

Earn Cash Back at Sock Fancy

Earn Cash Back with Sock Fancy

Treat someone special to a monthly shipment of fun, unique socks from Sock Fancy. Their selection of subscription boxes has something for everyone; plus you can customize your own custom socks too!

Since 2013, Sock Fancy has been known for its eye-catching designs. The company strives to make their socks both fun and durable, using 70% combed cotton for soft comfort without compromising durability when crafting unique patterns.

Shipping for Sock Fancy socks is handled by ePac, who offers a fully branded, digitally-printed stand-up pouch that provides an elegant appearance in its lightweight yet unbreakable resealable packaging that fits easily in the mailbox. Plus, this handy little device comes in handy when customers choose to exchange their pair for another pair.

Sock Fancy relied on ePac to quickly and efficiently process orders during the pandemic. Before working with ePac, they had tried several other solutions but weren’t satisfied with what ePac offered in terms of user benefits.

Sock Fancy used to struggle with long production times, strict minimum order requirements, and no flexibility when it came to order changes. Thanks to ePac’s help, however, they were able to overcome those issues and now ship 100,000+ orders per month.

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Sock Fancy has been around for eight years, with its founders having a passion for both art and business. It was this combination of skills which ultimately allowed them to launch an successful sock business.