Earn Cash Back at SodaStream

Earn Cash Back at SodaStream

The SodaStream brand is the number one sparkling water maker in the world. These reusable soda makers transform plain tap water into fizzy beverages, and they’re made in Israel.

They’re also a green alternative to packaged drinks. According to SodaStream, each reusable bottle saves about 126 16-ounce plastic bottles from entering landfills and oceans each year.

How to Make Sparkling Water with a SodaStream:

While most of us think of the brand’s machines as solely for fizzing up water, they can actually be used to carbonate anything. It’s a fun way to add bubbles to juice, coffee or tea.

How to Maintain Your SodaStream:

If your SodaStream doesn’t work or you’re experiencing problems like no gas comes out, check the microchip located on the circuit board. This part is essential for proper operation, and if it’s damaged you might need to replace it.

How to Recycle Your SodaStream:

As with any product, the best way to preserve your SodaStream is to recycle it. There are several options available, including recycling the SodaStream bottle itself or a SodaStream bottle refill.

How to Extend the Life of Your SodaStream:

As with most products, the best way to extend the life of your SodaStream is to avoid overuse and only use very cold water. This will keep the gas in the tank and prolong your machine’s usefulness. Additionally, you should always let the water rest before drinking it to allow for extra carbonation.