Earn Cash Back at Sonos

Sonos Cash Back is a convenient way to save money on your next purchase from the home audio brand. It works by taking advantage of promotional deals between third-party sites and Sonos to give you extra cash back for purchases.

How Sonos Works

Sonos is a leader in multi-room audio technology, offering up to 32 components that can be connected together into one system and used throughout your entire home. With its speakers and streaming accessories, Sonos allows you to enjoy high quality sound throughout every room of your house.

Its software enables you to manage your entire audio ecosystem from a mobile device or computer using an intuitive app. It supports multiple music services such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Pandora and Google Play Music.

The Sonos Controller app makes it incredibly simple to add and remove components from your system, as well as rename them so they appear by room or speaker type. Plus, you have the option of setting up groupings within the app – such as having two Sonos Ones in the kitchen or two Symfonisk Table Lamp Speakers in kids’ rooms – with ease!

You can upgrade your Sonos system with newer products by taking advantage of Sonos’ Upgrade Program. This offers long-time Sonos users the chance to replace their current devices and receive a 15 percent discount off the price of the new devices.

Sonos is one of the few companies that offers an upgrade program for long-time customers looking to expand their audio system. However, the company recently announced that older products would no longer receive software updates when used alongside more modern Sonos components, so it is recommended to use them as standalone units instead of in combination with speakers from Sonos.