Earn Cash Back at Splendid Restaurants and Stores

Earn Cash Back at Splendid

Your cash back from dining out or shopping at restaurants/stores typically arrives as either a PayPal deposit or physical check delivered directly to your home address. With this money in your account, redeem it towards additional credit card purchases or use it towards emergency savings/vacation funds.

What you can earn with cash back cards depends on which retailers they partner with and their respective card agreements. Some cards provide 2% cash back on all purchases while others specialize in certain categories like travel or groceries; to maximize earnings use multiple cash back apps with your card linked to each.

Some credit card companies also provide shopping portals – for example Chase has Chase Shopping while Barclaycard provides Reward Boost. These online earning portals may give additional cash back on top of what is already earned with your card.

Ibotta is an increasingly popular option. This free app and browser extension enables users to activate cash back offers and clip digital coupons, on average earning them $10-$20 monthly in cash back – once you reach $20 in earnings you can redeem your rewards in either bank/PayPal accounts, gift cards or even Paypal balance.

Dosh, with thousands of participating hotels and stores, is another cash back app worth considering. Available for iOS and Android devices, Dosh requires connecting either your credit or debit card in order to automatically earn cash back rewards – these can then be redeemed for products such as Amazon gift cards or magazines from Dosh’s rewards store. Dosh works seamlessly with many grocery chains such as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods as well as convenience stores like Wawa and Stewart’s Shops for even greater convenience!