Earn Cash Back at Stateside

Earn Cash Back at Stateside

With high prices for everyday necessities, your budget may seem stretched thin. But with cost-saving apps in your arsenal, your dollars will stretch much further! These apps offer different ways for users to earn cash back on purchases, helping save money when shopping groceries, travel or online.

Ibotta, Dosh and Rakuten are some of the most widely-used cashback apps. Each offers both a mobile app and browser extension to use on either computer or phone; Ibotta users typically earn $10-20 monthly; very active ones may make more. Your earnings will be deposited into your account quarterly as either PayPal deposits or checks mailed directly to your home address.

An easy way to maximize savings when making Stateside purchases is with a credit card that offers cash back rewards. Wells Fargo Active Cash’s card, for example, provides 2% cash back on military exchange and commissary purchases and 1% on all other purchases – an ideal solution for military families looking for everyday savings opportunities.

Stateside cashback can also be earned using third-party rebate sites that will give a percentage of your rebate in return for sending traffic directly to merchant websites using clickable links. We discuss these in more depth in our article about Stateside rebate sites and offers.